Found an animal? Think it needs help?

You want to act fast. Timing is often crucial! Many people think that they can help an injured animal but do not have the licensing or knowledge. Not all wildlife situations require intervention. CALL US FIRST!

Rehabbers are trained to work with wildlife who are frightened, wounded, or orphaned. Wildlife often will scratch, bite, claw, or otherwise fight when frightened or cornered. Your safety comes first!

If you really want to help wildlife, you need to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. REMEMBER never give wildlife food or water! Improper diet or aspiration can be fatal. If captured, keep animals warm, dark, and quiet in a secure container.


Raptors/Birds of Prey/Owls

(413) 768-9145

Small mammals, birds, waterfowl

(413) 834-5733 or (413) 768-9145

NOT an Emergency?  Send us an Email!

Interested in knowing how a patient is doing?  Want to schedule us to come and talk to a group about wildlife and rehabilitation?  Thinking about being a rehabilitator? Other questions? Use the form below to submit your inquiry. Please include your contact information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.